2nd Middle Meeting: January 2021, Virtual meeting.

Middle Meeting Report

Doubts arise about section 4 of the guide, specifically about the different approaches that initial teacher training activities could have.

Each of the partners participating in this meeting exposes the approach from which they understand that the initial teacher training activities in section 4 should be carried out. After that, it is agreed to focus the activities on how the future teacher is taught, from the Institutions responsible for initial training, to develop in their practice the linguistic competence of their students, especially those aspects related to reading learning.

  • Welcome and Opening. 
  • Follow-up of Intellectual Output 1-Phase 2 (Reading Education Toolkit). Paragraph 2 & 3.



2nd MIDDLE MEETING Jan 2021. Platform MS Teams -Virtual.

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The Reading Toolkits

Starting from the results gained by comparative survey and taking intoaccount what defined within the Pedagogical Framework.