The Institutions

Istituto Compresivo Statale Giovanni XXIII

Characterized by a good productive development mainly related to the areas of renewable energy, information technology and fashion.

The history

A good development

The Comprehensive School of Terranuova Bracciolini was born in 1997 from the aggregation of the former Learning Circle “Bettino Ricasoli” to the Middle School “Giovanni XXIII”. From the socio-economic perspective, the settlement area of the school is characterized by a good productive development mainly related to the areas of renewable energy, information technology and fashion. The employment level is quite high in both for man and women. The Institute consists of five school buildings, for the different sectors of school (early childhood, primary, secondary level), located in unique educational center with a common courtyard. The number of students is around 1,100 per year.

The school has developed its own curriculum – also in the local section, and is structured in vertical disciplinary departments (the teachers of the three sectors work in continuity).

The working network

The City Council collaborates on projects

The City Council, through the Office of the School, collaborates on projects of Plan of training. The specific needs that arise in this context can be summarized in the following points:

The institute has prepared self-assessment tools following the CAF – Common Assessment Framework modality but, while in connection with this one, is currently in favor of the ministerial document RAV (self-assessment report).


What are the experience of the organisation?

IC Terranuova Bracciolini is a school that educates to citizenship by fostering the acquisition of the tools related to the assumption of responsibility in the social and civic life. The school’s aim is to captures the needs of the territory, which accepts and integrates individual, ethnical and cultural differences. The school guides the students in the educational path by increasing their study of foreign languages and developing new educational technologies for achieving skills. Strongly supporting the teaching approaches centered on the students learning autonomy and on the respect and use of the skills of each individual, the school structure its plan of training trying to achieve:

The activities and the experience of IC Terranuova Bracciolini connected with reading are a rich and structures heritage for our Community. We move from experiences of animated reading at nursery and primary school to meetings with authors that involve all the students of our Comprehensive school. In our first-grade secondary schooling, reading novels or poetries, learnt by heart (also in different community languages) is a practice related also to public places (streets, squares and public buildings and days of open school).

Cooperation with both our public library and territorial associations has promoted and increased activities for adult group too (parents, teachers…), such as “Leggomanti”, “Le donne di carta”, Readings groups, creative and autobiographical writings groups. The different procedures of these activities include ireadingaloud (which concerns the first groups), saying by heart (not reciting) (which concerns the second groups), debating a common text of others rather than to propose descriptive forms and of inner investigation, shared by means of reading (which concerns the last group).

These different patterns of activities have involved groups of students and pupils who are engaged with curricula like Philosophy for children (which is a research community made up of pupils who debate texts joined at handbooks of M. Lipman’s curricula). The same groups of pupils have elaborated projects and have used new forms of media of the school like web radio in order to achieve the ireadingaloud. Also on the writing front there is an important development of the hand writing models as calligraphy and pictography whose aim is to favor new procedures of a personal expression in a common dimension. On this front there is an significant collaboration with some associations as SMED and with experts in calligraphy as Miss Monica Dengo.

Key persons

What are the members skills?

Concerning the persons involved in this project, principal Luca Decembri will be the main representative and contact person for the IC Terranuova Bracciolini.

He is head teacher of the IC Terranuova Bracciolini since 2019: Prior to this he worked as a professor of literature and history in the high schools of the province of Arezzo.

Also part of the Erasmus – Read com team are professor Gianna Gambini, a secondary school literature teacher, and professor Roberta Asperges, primary school teacher.


As a Comprensive School Institute, including early childhood, primary and secondary educational level, ICTB will act a key role for the Model testing in Italy.

As school including different level of Education (early childhood, primary, secondary level), ICTB will provide adequate professionals by selecting a group of teachers among its staff, for promoting the reading communities actions planned within the project.

The Reading Toolkits

Starting from the results gained by comparative survey and taking intoaccount what defined within the Pedagogical Framework.