Reviewing in each meeting the progress

The meetings

the progress

Six meetings will be held, with an inter-session period of 5 to 7 months, with the objective of reviewing in each meeting the progress made and exposing the steps to be followed in the next phase, which will be attended by two components of each participating partner. Thus, each partner will explain what has been done so far and the results obtained.

Prior to each meeting, depending on the assigned tasks, all partners or the team responsible for making a report will upload the corresponding documents so that they can be consulted on the virtual work platform by all partners before attending the next meeting and enable them to reflect on possible conclusions or raise issues arising from them.

The intentionality is to deepen the knowledge of the procedures and clarify the issues that arise from the various partners. Also make decisions based on the presentation of the arguments and the analysis of all the components, to adapt the planned procedures to the different casuistics of each group, or where appropriate, provide possible solutions from the experience of other partners. For example, the difficulties of access to the centers or the selection of instruments that will be applied in several countries.

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