The Outputs

All project activities are performed in order to develop a desired measurable output.

Outputs 2 - Phase 1

Intermediate & Finals Reports

The summary will provide an overview of the intent, implementation and impact of reading practices for each country. It will include the knowledge, skills and understandings from families, active teaching staff and undergraduate students.

Outputs 2 - Phase 2

The Reading Education Toolkit

This toolkit will be aimed at developing teachers’ and student teachers’ understanding of the importance of engaging with family and understanding family/social situation of the child. Resources will be aimed at training teachers/student teachers and providing support for parents.

Outputs 3

The Read Animation APP

Usable by teachers and educators to work with 3-12 years old children. App is based on the concept of ludic learning to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination through interactive games

What about Disseminations?

Learn more about the activities for project’s promotion realized by all partners along the project’s lifetime.