Learning Activities

Learning, teaching, training activities



The learning-teaching-training activities will have the following structure:

  1. Reception of the participants by the educational authorities.
  2. Cohesion of the work team.
  3. Exchanges of good practices. Formatives, teacher training in basic principles that enhance the linguistic development of students from the different social environment with special emphasis on migrant students, social exclusion.
  4. Teacher training in adapting good practices to their own context, experiencing the human context (students and families) and experiences of good practice in the social and Environmental Education Centre (attention to ethnic minorities, classrooms of attention Linguistics, reader programs, bilingual classrooms, inclusion programs for migrants, transit between stages and educational levels, recursion of school failure consequence of weakness in reading comprehension…
  5. Experience of BBPP in the Social and Environment Educational center incorporating the family as the axis of Union.

They shall be carried out where the situation of COVID-19 permits travel between countries.

They will be held in Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Our greatest acheivement

For most common dispositive, usable by teachers and educators to work with 3-12 years old children. App is based on the concept of ludic learning to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination through interactive games