7th Meeting: July 2022, Firenze – Italy.

Meeting Report

DAY 1: Tuesday 15th of July 2022
  • Welcome and Opening. Dr. Mario Paiano (CM).
  • Finalisation of Intellectual Output 3 (App). Dr. Stavroula Sokoli (CTI).
  • Analysis of the Final Report draft ́s project. Dr. Rocío Pascual and Dr. Dolores Madrid (UMA):
    • Schedule and deadlines for final Financial and Narrative Report.
    • Contributions to be provided by each partner for final Financial/Narrative Report.
  • Final Project Evaluation:
    • Evaluation, if applicable, on the transnational coordination activity. Dr. Mario Paiano and Dr. Giulia Moretti (CM).
    • Use of evaluation strategies and tools. Dr. Rocío Pascual, Dr. Dolores Madrid (UMA).
    • Final Evaluation about monitoring of activities and their impact. All partners.
  • Overview on all project activities and Outputs, shared discussion and closing on the results achieved by partners, sustainability and continuity of READ-COM. All partners.
  • Closing.



7th MEETING July 2022. Firenze - Italy.


7th MEETING July 2022. Firenze - Italy.

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