4th Meeting: July 2021, Patras – Greece.

Meeting Report

DAY 1: Thursday 8th of July 2021
  • Welcome and Opening
  • Interim Report: evaluation of the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE).
  • Intellectual Output 1 (Proposal 1 & 2): Tasks Cheklist. Restructuring of Calendar meetings.
  • Presentation web Project and dissemination tasks.
  • E-Twinning planning.
  • Intellectual Output 1 (Phase 2): Presentation Toolkit.
  • Intellectual Output 1 (Phase 2): Digitalization Toolkit.
  • Free debate, with posible questions from all Participants.
  • Closing.
DAY 2: Friday 9th of July 2021
  • Planning of technical and pedagogical tasks and schedule of Intellectual Output 2 (Proposal 3).
  • Free debate, with posible questions from all Participants.
  • Quality, evaluation and monitoring process.

  • Planning next meeting in Lisbon.
  • Closing



4th MEETING July 2021. Patras - Greece.

Table of Contents

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The Reading Toolkits

Starting from the results gained by comparative survey and taking intoaccount what defined within the Pedagogical Framework.